Yay! Summer’s finally here! I just finished my last test, I mean it was the english regents, so it wasn’t super stressful. But I’m still done which is nice 🙂

Ugh but I was in like a semi-awkward situation before the test and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I was walking to the test like sort of behind sort of near three of my friends and so i don’t know if they all realized I was there I honestly don’t even know. and so one of them was like oh we should hang out after and I don’t know, i got sort of caught up in a group behind them and then when I caught up again, they didn’t say anything…and then like 5 minutes later one of them asked if I wanted to come…

This might just be me being cynical but I can’t help but feel like that was a pity-invite, like oh she heard us, we should ask her but only because it would be mean not to.

And I really really like these people I mean they’re some of my closest friends but it’s just happened to me before and it sort of makes me upset.

But hopefully i’m wrong and they were just inviting me.

Too bad I can’t go anyway because I have to PACK for the summer because i’m leaving for MSU TOMORROW.

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