Remember when my body was malleable and stretchable and bendable and flexible? 

Yeah, me neither.

But once again, as it comes every year, came the first day of the gymnastics season. I know I should be happy, and just stretching made me remember how much I love the way I feel when I do gymnastics, but really all I can think about is how this and tutoring are going to prevent me from a) doing homework b) sleeping c) applying to college and therefore d) getting in to college.

Also I can tell that it’s going to take everything I have not to freak out about the level of stupidity (stupidity isn’t really the right word though, it’s more like dumbness and ignorance) of my team as a whole as well as the trivialness of all of the members’ problems and ideas and feelings. 

Also I’m in a lot of pain because I haven’t done gymnastics for over 6 months, which is bad.

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