I always feel terrible rejecting an invitation from my grandparents because I don’t know how much longer i’ll be receiving them, but at the same time I wish they would make an effort to accomodate my busy lifestyle.

For some reason, they believe that no one works on sundays and that they are the perfect day for get togethers (which is ironic because we’re jewish so shouldn’t that be saturday…….). So, very often, they’ll call up on sunday and ask if we want to have dinner together, or if they can come over to see us. And i feel terrible denying them, but they have to understand that sundays are work days. Like, spend all day doing homework days. period. end of story. sundays are bad.

And i honestly don’t know why they ALWAYS choose sundays. Neither of them works, and they really don’t do that much. Why couldn’t they ask for a saturday or something?

I mean there’s a possibility it’s because they don’t want to interfere with our social lives (LOL) but at this point they must have realized that going out on saturdays is a semi-rare occasion for my sister and myself.

[this post was brought about because my grandmother just called asking if we could go out to dinner tonight…WHO GOES OUT TO EAT ON SUNDAY NIGHT?]


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