Musings from aboard a six-hour-plus-some flight:

The man next to me is very intriguing: he continues to watch movies/TV with his eyes closed. Now I’m no expert, but I’d say that he falls asleep within about five minutes of starting each.

He’s watching the same movie that was on the plane when I was coming home from Los Angeles last month- it’s Hitchcock. Good to finally know what that movie was.

One of the bathroom stalls said occupied for maybe two hours. In my head, I was going over different scenarios that could cause someone to stay in an airplane bathroom for two plus hours and none of them were very nice. It turned out that the lock had just gotten stuck or something and there was actually no one in there.

The man in the seat across the aisle from me appears to have a microwave meal with him (?). I don’t know how he’s going to manage that…

My attempt to sit on the floor in the space in front of the exit row was foiled by an attentive flight attendant (lol words).

Microwave meal man is now eating said meal. I missed how it happened. The only logical conclusion is that he’s a wizard.

This options essay is going swimmingly. [If swimmingly refers to the way I swim…]

I’ve actually been pretty productive so far on this plane ride. Maybe I should enclose myself in large metal deathtraps and suspend myself thousands of miles in the air more often in order to increase productivity.

I feel like turbulence isn’t supposed to be something that people enjoy, but I find it very reassuring/comforting. Not sure why.

Shit, I think I left my make up remover at home. What else did I leave at home?…shitshitshitshit did I leave my deoderant?? Noooo. Oh the woes of last minute packing.

Microwave meal man hasn’t stopped eating since this plane ride started. He’s now chomping down on some sort of sub type sandwich.

How does one pronounce the word Envoy? Is it “un-voy” like in the Warren Zevon song, or “en-voy” like in my head?

Oh no. Someone just went to the bathroom but didn’t lock the door. I desperately hope that no one tries to use it while she’s in there.

I think this options paper was supposed to be two pages. He probably means double-spaced. Oops.

80’s pop music is oddly inspiring when writing essays.

On the topic of 80’s pop music, why do I have so much of it on my ipod?…although do I really care when all I really waaaaaaan’t is to have fuh-un?

Is it my job as someone sitting right by the bathroom to help old people when they don’t know how to open the doors?

Oh man. Some old man was trying to open the door to the bathroom and he broke the handle off. We then made awkward eye contact. What is one supposed to do in this kind of situation? They don’t tell you this in the safety presentation at the beginning of the flight.

Would it be possible for me to reach across my father to get some Sweetish Fish without waking him up?
Update: Yes. Go Lani.
Update 2.0: I regret this so much why is there so much candy available in my life?

I probably just ate like 500 calories in candy and sweets. I love Suzie, but she needs to stop giving our father candy for these travels.

I bet if I hadn’t been listening to music I could have been finished with this essay an hour ago.

I want someone to write a song about me.

One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces speaks to me on a deeper level.

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