I’ve watched and read numerous interpretations of post-apocalyptic/end-of-days/advancement-of-technology-to-the-point-of-destruction type societies, and each one is more interesting than the next. I guess it’s because I really believe that something like any one of them/something that we would never expect is going to happen. I truly believe that humans are destructive by nurture- we live in a society that nurtures destruction. I don’t know enough about anything to make any observations about human nature.

I don’t think it will occur in my lifetime, and I hope it doesn’t occur in the lifetime of my potential-children. But i feel as though we are now living in the in-between stage. The time when it’s all starting to develop. Our technology is advancing at a rate faster than ever. Our world is changing rapidly.

And I’m torn. On one hand, I support this advancement because we as a people can benefit from it. The possibilities of science are endless and that is intriguing and exciting. But it’s also terrifying. I feel a loyalty to our earth- to protect and maintain her. Our advancement, I believe, is destructive. And it scares me that we are constantly destroying the single thing in our universe that has always supported us without hesitation. If we continue on this path of destruction, if we waste our earth, there will be no second chance. Everything we do is permanent.

So I’m afraid and excited. The future is limitless. It is all that we make it. I just hope that the rest of the world eventually realizes that all of our actions have consequences and are ready to face them when the time comes.

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